June 2, 2012

The Shitty Pigeon

In the midst of a vibrant ground-flower parade storming my inbox — I'll give the last few procrastinators another day or two to submit their favorite petals. This will allow me to over hydrate my Fave's submission so it doesn't win, and eliminate the possibility for any conflict of interest.

My Fave's blooming submission, photo: P&P
Speaking of watering, I have an fondness for most non-humans, however, sometimes the occasional creature interrupts my life and I am left with a dilemma. Like how do I humanly evacuate a family of rats from my barbecue? Or how do I get The Shitty Pigeon to find another perch?
The Shitty Pigeon and his friend, photo: P&P
The Shitty Pigeon recently made himself comfortable on the downspout above our new barbecue and has been trying to make the grill his favorite target. Fortunately I bird watched him and came up with a temporary defense before he could do any real damage.
Bombs away, photo: P&P
But I needed a permanent solution that would leave The Shitty Pigeon unharmed and my barbecue free of his shit. This is what I came up with:

He came back a few more times, and got watered a few more times, but eventually absorbed my message. Now I can get back to watering my Fave's flowers in preparation for the Ground Flower Competition.

I'll leave you with one of the recent submissions that is going to be tough to beat.

Ground flour, photo: anonomyus 
Keep petaling,

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