June 27, 2012

The Ground Flower Nominations

Let's get to it — and then drag out announcing a winner until my next post. Here are the nominated petals.

Sandy's pretender 

Jessie's wallflower

Not sure how this got on the list (Alia)

The contender, read her blog: http://yearthirtyone.blogspot.com/

Maggie's miniature Christmas trees
Maggie's demon power ground flowers

My Fave's conflict of interest
Ellen attempted to bribe me with a roofie-filled bike rack, which may have worked except...

She submitted a poinsettia - Merry Christmas

My boss obviously didn't take this competition seriously

Jarod's Columbine

Jarod's pansy

Jarod's foxglove

Jarod has a lot of flowers

Something my mom sent in
Something my sister sent in for my mom

My sister still lives at home so she said this was her submission but actually it's just another one for my mom.

Not sure whose this is but based on the bamboo in the background, my sister took this at my parents house. They live in a bamboo forest.

My Fave's submission starting to suffer from over hydration

My Fave's final submission

If I were to submit a ground flower this would be it because star jasmine smells much like I do.
Jordan said this was the winner
I said "not sure" attached this submission and said, "there's some tough competition."

Jordan agreed and sent me this

Guy's disqualified non-ground flower from the grocery store.

Guy says this is his real submission

Sarah is a narcissist, or maybe this is Sarah's narcissus

Oh, and Mauricio decided to enter a ground flower from the moon.
I most likely forgot someone's ground flower — if that's the case it's nothing personal, but it obviously means your flowers weren't memorable. Say you had a vote — which are your favorites?

Keep petaling,

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