August 26, 2011

Out of the Saddle

I will be out of the saddle for a few more days in an undisclosed location. In the meantime you can find me on Twitter, where I'll do my best to tweet some cycling-related jabber. twitter:@PedalandPetal

August 20, 2011

I wasn't going to blog today or tomorrow

    Remember yesterday how I told you I was receiving text messages of ridicule through my cellular telephone due to my lack of posting? After my post yesterday I thought that all this would come to an end, however, that wasn't the case. And in fact, not only did I receive uncomplimentary text messages today, but I've also come to find out that my favorite blogger called me "old" on his blog.
     Now I am not totally sure this is a direct correlation to me not writing, but I am going to go ahead and believe that's the case. We are actually going out for a beer tonight along with another friend, who said, "that's dumb" to the fact that I have to wait for my favorite person to come home and spell me of kid and dog duty.
     Regardless of how "dumb" or "old" I am not, this is what I'll be plotting tonight. Because the three of us share a common passion for cycling there will most likely be some bartering for bike parts going on. Here's what I am bringing to the table. I have a garage full of bike parts that I am going to try and trade for the pink Bianchi that my sister would ride so unsafely. And as you can see by this picture taken by JKess of his living room, he needs to rid himself of some bike stuff. And even more so since  he still lives with his mom, who by the way just signed on for an episode of "Hoarders" in hopes of correcting her son before it's too late.

JKess' mom's living room (Photo Credit: JKess
(Note: This is the point in this post where I stopped writing because I had to leave to drink beer.)

August 15, 2011

Curiously Reappearing

     It's been over a month since my last post, and while I certainly noticed that I haven't been writing on a regular basis — I didn't expect it to affect the people closest to me as much as it has. This last week in particular has been really tough on them, so much that sending heckling text messages daily seems to be common practice on their part. And so I feel that an explanation for my absence is in order, but I really don't have one. It's kind of like when you're in middle school and you break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend for no apparent reason other than you just feel like it. I was usually on the losing end of that debacle, so I guess I should have had more compassion for my loyal followers who I abruptly left stranded on the side of the trial without an extra tube or inflation device. So as I work through this post perhaps there will be an explanation hidden somewhere, but I doubt it.
Ridiculous excuse for a riding partner
      Here is my last riding partner who invited me on a ride and waited until I showed up to tell me that he can't ride up any hills because of his injured knee. If you're wondering how his injury occurred, I am not really sure, but perhaps there's an explanation on his blog, which I am boycotting until I write a post (I will be reading his blog immediately after I finish this post).
      Quick backtrack — do you remember a while back when someone outbid my sister for a used Bianchi simply to keep more women off of bikes? Well, this is him in the photo above on that particular bike, showing up for the without any hills.
     So as I was going to say in the above paragraph — due to his hatred of women on bikes, he probably put his knee into a woman who was just riding along and of course injured himself in the process.
     And scenarios like this suck the cycle-blogging life out of me, and as a result, we are left without content on the blog. And instead of blogging when I get home from a ride or a flower picking session I end up doing this.
View from my lap (Photo: PedalandPetal)
     If you look closely there is season two of 90210 illuminating our television, while I lay in bed with a six-pound Maltese on my lap. How could it get any better, but wait it does because I don't wear clothes when I do this.