December 20, 2011

Remember When This Was a Flower Blog?

     I don't, but Guy obviously does. Remember him?
Guy (photo: PandP)
     He's extraordinary at doing what most guys aren't. Like paying attention to detail. Or feeding four kids at once.
Who's hungry? (photo: PandP)
     And decorating hats.
Hat crafting (photo: PandP)
     But don't let his talents fool you. All he really wants to do is make every woman he comes in contact with swoon over him and question their current partner. And with all his spare time in the midst of raising three girls under the age of four, Guy will subtly learn all of your Fave's favorite things.
     Take last week for example. I received a text from my Fave that read, "I got flowers today from some other Guy." With this image attached:
Not just holiday flowers (photo: Fave)
     And of course I raised an eyebrow and muttered the name — Mauricio. Hours later I figured out that he wasn't responsible at all, but rather my other guy, Guy. But what's the big deal? They're just festive cliche holiday flowers. Yes, from an outsider's perspective. But what guy knows, is that when mixed, the colors red and white make pink. He knows this because he's not red/green color blind like me. And he also knows that pink happens to be my Fave's favorite color. She couldn't have been more swooned once I decrypted the symbolism for her. So now what? How could I possibly compete?
Guy's left, mine right (photo: PandP)
     With bigger pink flowers.

December 7, 2011

Two Nights One Pub

    Do you remember my foreign exchange rider from Costa Rica, Mauricio? Well in case you missed him last time, here he is again.
"Hola seƱoras" (photo: PandP)
     The other night Mauricio invited me out to his favorite pub, and since my Fave was up to her usual Wednesday tricks of frumping around the house in sweats watching crazy women on television, I took him up on the offer. Besides, Mauricio and I usually communicate through text message, how impersonal is that?
Me and Mauricio (photo: PandP)
     It's a good thing I went because I fell in love with the place the second I walked in and heard the familiar, soothing sound of the Misfits rising up from beneath the floorboards. And the best part about this place besides everything, was that it's dog friendly.
Mauricio's Risa de perro (photo:PandP)
     And of course Mauricio has a dog to bring to the pub. Meet Koa, a dog so cool he's all the company two men need at a bar. After we sat down with our beer I was sitting at the table petting Koa and asked Mauricio, "what kind of dog is Koa?"
     He replied, "Koa es Risa de perro, Usted sabe, Koa es un hiena."
     Translation: "Koa is a laughing dog, you know, Koa is a hyena."
      Apparently the lady sitting next to us who definitely had her eye on something tall dark and Latino understood Spanish because she very cautiously moved to the other side of the room. Her loss. We ended up drinking a lot of Belgium beer and heading home in a rather anticlimactic fashion. 

Night two:
     I have a bar bike. I use it for two purposes, I either tow my kid and dog with it or I ride it to the bar. I use it in these instances because it works really well for hauling my family and if it gets stolen, I wouldn't be too upset like I would with some of my other bikes. 
     In this particular instance my bar bike and I were invited by the worst cyclist in the Bay Area and some other friends to watch our local ice skating team.
San Jose's ice skating team the Sharks (photo: PandP)
The Bay Area's worst cyclist (photo: PandP)
     And by cyclist I mean, someone who chooses to ride a bike because they want to and not because they should. 
The Bay Area's worst riding on the sidewalk (photo: PandP)
     And of course he got his pants caught in his chainring resulting in a fresh slit up the back of his leg. 
Pants that were too flared to begin with (photo: PandP)
     And here we are locking up our bikes at my favorite pub.
My bike security Guy, really his name is Guy (photo: PandP)
     And now that I have a pub, I have a pub night, which happens to be tonight. So as I am sitting here blogging along, I just asked my Fave, "what are you doing tonight?"
     She said, "what do you mean? What are you doing tonight?"
     "It's pub night," I replied.
     "You don't have a pub night," she said.