July 17, 2012

People Watching

The other day my Fave and I decided to have a picnic at the park and do some people watching. We knew it was going to be day filled with characters when when on the way to the park we came across this guy.
Reverse street trike, photo: PandP
Heading to the park seemed a like a peaceful way to enjoy the remainder of our weekend, however, Jak (our dog) had other ideas. He weighs six pounds, barks loud and runs slightly slower than me — I usually catch up to him just in time to apologize to owners of normal dogs for him pretending to be ferocious.
Jak being restrained, photo: PandP
Jak slipped away upon our arrival and hassled a nearby dog jogger, dragging his leash and harness with him. Fortunately his victim was friendly yet confused and let him off the hook with just a few butt sniffs. Sorry for not taking a photo, but I was busy apologizing to the dog and his jogger. From then on we made sure he remained on a short leash.
Jak hunting from his leash, photo: PanP

Once Jak was occupied with hunting from his leash we were able to enjoy the rest of our afternoon, so we continued with our original objective. Take for example this hipster, who can be found being super hip riding without a helmet accompanied by a child on her handlebars who also doesn't have on a helmet.
Super hip helmetless hipster, photo: PandP
After this hipster rode by, Jak had seen enough and needed to get home for a nap.
Keep pedaling,