May 22, 2012

Ground Flower Competition

     Since there's no such thing as a first annual anything, this is the announcement of the first Pedal and Petal ground flower competition. So what is a ground flower? It is an unpicked flower, or one that is still in the ground. And there lies the criteria for the competition — it has to be a ground flower.
     I am making this clear now because I started sending out text messages requesting people to send me photos of their favorite flowers, and of course Guy was one of the first to respond with a photo of a bouquet taken at the local grocery store.

Not an acceptable submission, photo: Guy

     Remember Guy? He has a lot of kids and a lot of stuff.

Some of Guy's kids hanging on for their lives, photo: PandP

Some of Guy's stuff — he has to extend his garage with a tarp. photo: PandP
     For the next few days (or until I have enough photos) I will be accepting pictures of your ground flowers. Once I collect the photos via, text, email, Facebook, Twitter (@pedalandpetal) and through the comments section on this blog, I will objectively judge the flowers and pick a winner.
     After I choose a winner, you'll be presented with a prize — a ground flower of my choice. You're more than welcome to nominate yourself or someone else for this competition, and I wish you luck in finding the perfect ground flower to submit.
     Remember, this is not a flower blog, I just write about them once in a while.

Please send any questions you have my way.
Keep pedaling

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