November 26, 2011

Turkey Ride, Head Injury and another Award

     A few days prior to Thursday I mentioned to my Fave that I would be going on my annual Turkey Day Ride on Thanksgiving morning for the first time. I could tell that she was a little dis-satisfied with my decision to leave for a bike ride on a holiday, so I left before she woke up.
     After some discrete coordination with one of my riding partners, I quickly filled my hydration pack with beer and electrolytes and was off. While the weather was a bit chilly the ride turned out to be fantastic. Just look at the smile on the face of my foreign riding partner Mauricio. He's from Costa Rica, and doesn't speak much English so he usually communicates by using universal hand signals.
Peace everyone (photo: PandP)
     And Mauricio and I weren't the only ones who rode, we just happened to be the first one's up the hill. Hours later these people finally arrived.
Slower riders (photo: PandP)
      After eating some turkey, drinking beer and freezing our asses off it was time for a fast, muddy descent back to Thanksgiving, and in my case, back to my Fave and kid who at this point were itching to have me make myself useful while wearing Lycra around the house.
     We surprisingly made it down the mountain without any casualties where I kissed Mauricio goodbye and bolted home. When I arrived, however, my Fave was nowhere to be found, which actually makes it easier to hang my bike in the garage when her car isn't so rudely parked in my bicycle storage facility.
     So like usual I hung up my mountain bike and ...
Me after taking a chainring to the head (photo: PandP)
     As you probably figured out by now — my bikes fell while I was under them, which left my Fave with a bloody date to Thanksgiving dinner. So of course I asked my fave how she felt about my forehead.
My Fave's, you're an idiot look (photo: PandP)
     And ironically, I won another award from a fellow blogger.
I think he meant to call it an Idiot Award, but I'll accept it anyways. (image: JKess)


  1. Ouch! Well, at least when people ask you how you did that to your head, you can just say, "It's bike related". They will assume you got into a gnarly wreck, and you can maintain your dignity.

    Your wife is beautiful.


  2. TB, that's a great idea, and I think what I'll do is create 5-10 different anecdotes to tell people, an see which one receives the most praise. And then write about it.