November 3, 2011

Award-Winning Morning Wood

     As I procrastinated this morning by hitting the snooze button on my iAlarm a good four or five times before slowly erecting myself out of bed next to my slumbering Fave, I had no idea what surprise was awaiting me in the Blogosphere.
The Versatile Blogger Award, awarded to me (Award Credit: Year 31)
     Yes, I am now an award-winning blogger. Thanks to a fellow award-winning blogger, Year 31, who's actually 32, but whatever, I guess she doesn't want to change her blog name every year. Regardless, it's a good blog and you all should check it out because she is also a versatile blogger. Let me spell it out for you:
     As you could imagine, I was trouser-tent happy when I heard the news about my award and I had to tell someone. Except it was 5:40am, and besides my dog, no one was awake. But I had to tell someone. So I told my Fave, and then snapped a photo of her excitement.
My excited Fave (photo: PandP)
     As you can see, she couldn't have been prouder of me. And since she was so happy for me, I wanted to capture the moment again.
Look, she's so stoked (photo:PandP)
     Her words, "who gave you that?"
     Uh, "my peers of course."
     "No they didn't," she said.
     "What does that mean?" She questioned
Something to do (photo:PandP)
     What this notoriety means is that we (Syd and I), get to do whatever creative activities we feel like. You know, like paint random stripes on the walls. This is actually a story of it's own and will be covered at a later time.
     So as a recipient of this award comes responsibility, and since I am terrible at following rules, I am sure I will intentionally screw this part up. But, it's my obligation to award other bloggers with the same award, and provide some factoids about myself.
     When I think of versatile bloggers, one comes to mind, and as much as I don't want to give him an award, I have to. And that's because when he writes about anything except bike racing, his blog rocks. 
     The first Versatile Blogger award goes to:
The idiot who writes A Kestlefest or previously The Curious Case of J. Kess

     The next goes to a blogger who I just discovered — she's stranger than fiction. Red Means Go. If you don't get her, don't worry, it's only because you're normal.
     As for factoids about me — I don't enjoy talking about myself, and would rather write about others.


  1. Ha! I like your acceptance. Great pictures too. Sorry for the early wake up call, Fave.

  2. Oh you're a sweetheart! :) Never been happier to be called abnormal. lol HUGS

  3. Anytime, now I want to create an abnormal blogger award and give you that too.