June 27, 2011

Undoing the Hiatus

     As you may have noticed, or may not have, depending on the severity of your addiction to this blog — I haven't posted in a while. And the name of the blog has changed. I owe you an explanation, or at least a confession. After my last post, I mentioned to Rachel (Mrs. Pedal and Petal) that I had started a new blog.
     Of course being the most supportive wife ever she was eager to read my new piece of art. So I flipped open the notebook and quickly prompted her to the site. To her surprise, there she was, in what I considered to be an attractive photo of her standing on the top of a ladder in her pajamas painting our living room a new color. She demanded that I delete this blog at once, so I took over a month off, allowed Rachel to forget that I have a blog and changed the name just in case. So, to those of you who stuck around, thank you.

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