May 10, 2011

My Latest Cycling Purchase

For the past couple of years my super-hot wife Rachel (don't worry, this post isn't going to be about how much I love my wife, like the guy who writes this blog: always does) has been mentioning how she really wants a new bike. I've been reluctant to act on her request because that would mean I would have to ride with her, and clean up the mess after she attempts to reach into her pants to fix her underwear while on a descent (who wears underwear on a bike?), gain too much speed, get surprised and quickly grasp the front brake and send herself flying over the bars right in front of me. Yes, this happened the last time we rode together.

So in order to talk myself into buying her a new bike I've been paying close attention to her balancing skills to make sure she's ready to start pedaling again. As you can see, she's amazingly well balanced, which probably means within a month or two she'll be passing me on the trail.

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