June 30, 2011

The Curious Undercutter

     Peculiar people tend to do peculiar things, and without incriminating the subject of this post — "The Curious Case of J. Kess," I would like to make it clear that this is all an alleged accusation on my part. You see, for nearly two months now my sister has been showing a real interest in taking up bicycle commuting. Of course this excites me because I wish everyone I know and don't know would ride a bike.
     With her spiked interest in our lifestyle I've been picking her brain to try and nail down what would be the correct bi-wheeled machine to fit her needs. Through emails, texts, shop visits and phone conversations with me she finally decided on an old steel frame Bianchi road bike that she came across on a local classified Web site.
     In the meantime I was reading a well overdue blog post by Mr. Curious about a new commuter bike that he'd just acquired. As I was reading the post I sent the link to my sister to show her this new bike of his that I thought she would really like. Not only did she like the bike, but she had seen the ad of the bike and wanted to contact the seller.
     Did she? I don't know, nor do I know how Mr. Curious who we will now refer to as Mr. Peculiar actually came upon this bike. The claim on his blog clearly states that he "saved" the bike from a possible joyride to the dumpster. This could be the honest truth and just a peculiar coincidence, however,  Mr. Peculiar is a racer. And as we well now, all competitive cyclists are dishonest blood dopers. Basically, in the social hierarchy of the world you have junkies, pimps and LA Dodger fans on the bottom, then competitive cyclists.
     So with all of Mr. Peculiar's credibility left on the race course here's what really happened. He thought to himself that the last thing he wants is another woman on a road bike because he strongly feels that women aren't savvy enough to ride on the pavement. His reaction was to snatch this pink Bianchi quickly enough in hopes of keeping just one more woman out of harms way and off of the road. Perhaps we all deserve an explanation from Mr. Peculiar in a guest post. Lets see if he responds.

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