April 24, 2012

I Declare, Bald Eagle Appreciation Day

     While I am trying to decide what to write about on my other bicycle blog, I thought I would write something for the decreasing number of Pedal and Petal enthusiasts. This is what I chose; while I was shlepping towards a different county on my pedaler a couple months back, I realized that we need to dedicate one of our 365 days, to bald eagle appreciation. You know, the bird of prey with a distinct white head.
     Like this beaut I came across:
Bald eagle nesting on a power line (photo: PandP)
     I apologize for the distance at which this photo was taken — I actually went in for a close-up but was viewed as prey and needed to avoid a talon-engaged swooping of my head. I took this photo on the way out of town, and on the way back I met a woman who keeps an eye on these birds for the county. She informed me that in Seattle, bald eagles are just like pigeons in that they are everywhere.
     Imagine opening up your U.S. Passport and having a photo of a pigeon instead of this.
Not a pigeon (photo:PandP)
     If it was up to the idiot Benjamin Franklin, the turkey would have been the national bird because he claimed that bald eagles had bad moral character. It's a good thing birds aren't measured by their moral character otherwise we would be eating our national bird every November. What about penguins? They're pretty sweet being how they fly under water and all, and yet, they don't have a day either.
An under water flying penguin (photo: PandP)
     I suggest that we start by replacing easter (not capitalized for being an erroneous day not worth celebrating) with Bald Eagle day, and see how people take to the idea. Perhaps the day could consist of people stealing from each other. Then we could replace valentine's day, which isn't actually a holiday (really it isn't) with Penguin Day. After that birds would just start lining up for their own day of celebration.
     Now that this blog has finally been used for something useful in announcing Bald Eagle day, it will be going through some changes in the upcoming weeks. It will have the same look, and have the same name, but in an effort to produce more content I am making some changes. The most significant change being...

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  1. Did you know? in my neck of the woods, there are two bald eagles that live @ Pinto Lake.