March 22, 2012

I've Been Stuck in a Cloud

     Those of you wondering where I've been this year — well, I've actually been stuck in a cloud. And not the kind of cloud you're picturing.
The type of cloud you're picturing (photo: PandP)
     Here in the Silicon Valley we refer to data centers as clouds, and if you look just below the actual clouds in the photo above, you'll see hundreds of them in the valley below. To escape the cloud I grabbed my bike along with my foreign exchange rider and headed to the top of a nearby mountain.
     While I waited patiently at the top of Sierra road for my friend, I had time to think about all of my historical data that's sitting right there in one of those clouds. Because that's what clouds do, among other things — but they actually store and protect your data so you can find it later.
     When I glanced into my cloud — this is what I found:
     I spend too much time behind the wheel of a car. I took this while driving down Lombard street in San Francisco — should have been riding down it.
Cars are dumb (photo: PandP)
      When we actually got out for rides during the cold season, we spent too much time worrying about which direction to go, and ended up lost anyways.
Which way to go? (photo: PandP)
     Somehow Mauricio and I ended up on a ride that finished up with a brewery tour.
Cheers (photo: PandP)
     I take too many photos of Mauricio.    
Oh look, it's Mauricio (photo: PandP)
      The master of sign language.
Watch your step (photo: PandP)
 And the Costa Rican Banana Slug, aka — Maurico.
La prisa guy (photo: PandP)
And who is this?
Mauricio the dog (photo: PandP)
     A few weeks back my sister got a new dog. She named him Mauricio.


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