September 22, 2012

There's a Story Behind That

As a reader of this blog you're probably aware that I put an enormous amount of time and thought into each post. Like when I take a photo of my Fave and post it here — I usually take as many pictures as I can get away with, then strategically choose the one that entertains me the most. Take this one for example:
Yum, photo: P&P
She's probably not going to be too happy that I put this here, but I am sure there's a story behind it, however, I don't remember the anecdote at the moment.

I may not remember where we were when I snapped that photo, but as I browse through my iCamera photo library, there are plenty of photos that I've stored throughout the months that I remember thinking to myself at the time, "this will fit well on the blog." So as I sat this morning pondering my post options — I had to look no deeper than my pocket.

Slow going, photo: P&P

Guy raising a sail, photo: P&P
This came about because Cousin Short Shirt and Guy challenged me to cock off, I mean sail raising competition at some boat race in SF one afternoon. Side note: Boat racers dress similar to cyclists, just with Lycra covering their entire bodies. I was reluctant to participate in the competition for obvious reasons, so to tame their banter I stepped up and won. My prize; not having to watch this stupid sail being erected any longer.

Remember in my last post how I mentioned that I sit next to a person (Ellen) at work who tries to continuously roofie me? She's been on vacation for the past couple of weeks unable to defend her cube from incoming attacks. I am innocent here aside from the documentary photo journal I've been keeping when others come by and take future risks for themselves by fiddling with her space. I recently captured this next image of Ellen's keyboard — again, this was not my doing, I just took the photo.

A banana peel on Ellen's keyboard, photo: P&P
Ellen looks at bananas the same way that a you might look at someone who just licked the bottom of their shoe. Hopefully Ellen doesn't read this post.

This next one is pretty common practice:

Mauricio wearing a tutu on our Fourth of July ride, photo: P&P
I've been saving this next one for a quite a while and will someday get around to having it framed for my mom. This week was my dad's birthday so it's appropriate that I share one of his finest moments with you. Last year we put our lives in danger and went to a Raider game with my uncle and cousins. While we were tailgating with the scum of the earth before the game, the topic "shotgunning a beer" came up. At 55 years old, my dad had informed me that not only had he never shotgunned a beer, but that he didn't know how. Naturally, that led to this:

Shotgunning a beer
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